Jen Janet is the vocalist for Mimesis, a progressive rock multimedia art project with sci-fi vibes, and musical similarities to bands like Polyphia, Periphery and Animals as Leaders. Watch the debut music video “Ctrl Alt Del” here:



Praise for Mimesis:

“In contrast to the hyper-technical musicianship, the gentle vocals of Jen Janet give a dreamy vibe for the most part. A bit lower in the mix, the soft vocals help bring in some inviting atmosphere to the bevy of musical exploration going on at any moment.”  

 – Kyle McGinn, Dead Rhetoric

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“One of the best albums of 2019, that I did not hear until 2020. Despite only five songs, there is nothing missing in this debut. Dynamic music matched with a voice that would make any band sound great…despite the awesome musicianship on this album it is Jen Janet’s voice that is the most important instrument in this band’s arsenal. She needs a bigger stage and I hope this band will win it.”

-Professor Mark, Progressive Rock Central

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Mimesis links:

Bandcamp: https://mimesisprog.bandcamp.com/releases

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/1486628172